Enjoy a Fun Singing Party!

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UltraStar Play is a singing game with boundless possibilities, without the need to buy additional hardware.

Players sing along their favorite songs and try to hit notes for points. Feel like a superstar while you break the highscore! Invite your family and friends to rock the virtual stage together!

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With UltraStar Play, YOU'LL GET:

  • Pitch detection to guide your voice
  • Custom songs and song editor
  • Cooperative score mode
  • Duet songs
  • Companion App as mic
  • Favorites and playlists
  • Up to 16 players
  • Controller support
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Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Throw a singing party with family and friends
  • Break the highscore or sing duets together
  • Create the songs you want, no matter your taste in music
  • Use your smartphone as mic, no need to buy additional equipment
  • Start the game anywhere, right from your smartphone

Companion App

Use your smartphone as mic or browse the song list with the UltraStar Play Companion App.

Solos, Duets, Groups

Sing a duet where each player has different lyrics and notes. Or throw a party and sing with up to 16 players at the same time.

Open Song Format

UltraStar Play supports a widespread and open song format. Create and change songs as you please.

Song Editor

The integrated song editor lets you create a sing-along version of any song you like - unlimited possibilities!

Playlists & Favorites

Handle large song collections by marking songs as favorites, adding playlists, or searching for songs by language, year, artist, etc.

Entertained Audience

Each song can have a background video or image. A delight for both, the audience and the singers.

Score Modes

A cooperative score mode emphasizes SINGING TOGETHER with your loved ones. You can also turn off scores and ratings completely.

Player & Mic Profiles

Configure each player and device individually. Quickly switch microphones between players.

Controller Support

No need to hang around your keyboard. Just use your gamepad to control UltraStar Play.

Sing your favorite songs!

A big community already created thousands of songs in the UltraStar format.

Sing current top hits
Sing popular songs from film and TV
Sing amazing game soundtracks
Sing your favorite Vocaloid and UTAU songs
Sing at a convention or event
Sing dialect from your region

You Can Have Fun in Minutes

There is a free song package that can be downloaded in-game within seconds.

  • You don't need to be a talented singer.
  • You don't need to buy a microphone.
  • You don't need to buy a new console.

Anyone can have a fun time singing! Just start UltraStar Play and let the game guide your pitch to the next highscore.

Have a weird taste in music? No problem!

Create your own songs

The integrated SONG EDITOR allows to easily create a sing-along version of any song.

UltraStar Play's song editor combines features that previously required multiple tools.
Plus, you can quickly switch between editing and testing your song.

  • Add notes by singing or button tapping
  • Edit notes via drag & drop
  • Change lyrics
  • Change video offset
  • Edit song properties
  • Copy & paste notes
  • Import MIDI files
  • Assign notes to different players
  • Quality analysis and warnings
  • …and much more!

With all these features, creating a sing-along version for an UltraStar game has never been easier.

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Choose Your Platform

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS


UltraStar Play is a cross-platform application. You can run it on all major DESKTOP AND MOBILE platforms. Android TV and tvOS could be supported in the future as well.

There are so many different platforms today for gaming, most singing games only focus on one.

Thus, changing platforms often means losing a song collection. Sometimes you even have to buy extra microphones for a particular platform or game.

Fortunately, UltraStar Play SOLVES THIS because it can evolve with your music taste and todays plethora of devices.

Even better - you can MIX PLATFORMS. For example, start the main game on an iOS tablet and connect an Android device with the Companion App

 Open Source - Made with Unity 

Why Open Source?

Imagine that you would buy another singing game for your current console, only to find that the vendor shuts down the online features, or you lose your song collection when changing the device.

This won't happen with UltraStar Play because it can evolve with the future as long as it has a contributing community behind it.

Made with Unity

UltraStar Play is built on a professional game engine and modern tools to provide the best experience for developers and players.

Beyond UltraStar Play

Open source software does not only implement a single game or solution, it can also be the fuel for other projects.

People can use UltraStar Play to learn by example. And it has grown its own set of libraries, which are shared with the community, just like previous open source projects are empowering UltraStar Play.

Want More?

  • New game modes
  • Medleys
  • Song queue
  • Smartphone Control
  • Integration of videos on the internet
  • AI powered song editor

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